Gutter Cleaning

Signs your gutters need cleaning

Gutter problems. Sagging, leaking or overflowing gutters are often a result of poor gutter maintenance and are telltale signs that your gutters are in need of a good cleaning. Inproper gutter maintenance can increase the chancesof flooding in your home in addition to leading to a variety of problems, including water damage to fascia, basements, and foundations.

Gutter debris

Gutters frequently collect debris consisting of leaves, pine needles, seeds, catkins, twigs, and granules from shingles. In fact, seeds that have fallen into the gutter throught during springtime wil ofter grow into adult plants there if not uprooted during cleaning.

Clogged downspouts

Downspouts are the pipes that lead water out of your gutters and away from your house. They can become clocked by leaves, pine straw, or other debris, causing your gutters to overflow.

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